Thursday, September 27, 2007

Post Toronto International Film Festival 07

When we mentioned we were seeing 45 movies in 10 days between bites of food and on our way to the Varsity most people seemed to be shocked. Do you remember them all? is always the first question, and you must really love movies is the other statement.

The answer is sometimes yes and no, and yes to the last. But every year's Toronto International Film Festival leaves some impression and surprise. Sometimes there is a quiet grr as we regret not seeing one movie over another, but you reconcile to the fact you cannot see everything and scheduling and distance precludes seeing certain films. The three days of Festival pass mayhem trying to create your perfect 50 film schedule ... debating getting $40 gala tickets in advance ... getting your picks down to the box office in time and then waiting for the announcement of the winning box in the lottery ... and then two more days of trying to reconcile your schedule against the tickets you actually received ...

Day One and Day Two always gets one into the swing of hurry up and line-up and trying to get your favourite seat at the Paramount or wherever [ surely no one has a favourite spot at the Cumberland theatres ] and the exhaustion inevitable sets in by Day Seven - no coffee or doughnut is a replacement for the missing sleep. By Day Eight is the inevitable attempt to catch that last buzz movie or see Brad and George and switching tickets around and Day 10 the Midnight Madness movies and the last chance to try to see that Day One movie one more time
dominates the daytime. Why didn't we see 50? Just sheer logistics [including Thursday does not have 5 movies to average in ] and that Midnight Madness just did not finish soon enough to catch the last TTC subway ride northward back into suburbia.

So by the end of Day 10 when you walk out of your last group experience, you simply ask yourself: "Is that all there is?" and start the countdown to next year.

La Vie Nouvelle

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